For Parents

Parent Training


The summer package includes a research-based parent training program. The meetings take place once a week for eight sessions. There are two time slots, day and evening. Each week the clinicians works with the parents on a specific set of skills to help children improve their home behavior.

Week 1     Why Is This Happening!
Week 2     Attending to the Positive
Week 3     From Defiance to Compliance
Week 4     Point System
Week 5     Effective Consequences and Time Outs Part I
Week 6     Effective Consequences and Time Outs Part II
Week 7     Structuring the Unstructured Environment
Week 8     Extending to School
Booster sessions mid-winter 

Research shows that Parent training is a major factor in long-term positive treatment outcomes. Parent training will provide the skills that the parents need to manage their children well beyond the 8-week summer program. The parent training is even more effective in the program because the parents provide a similar methodology and structure to what is already working in camp. Parents also benefit from the on-site therapists teaching the parent training classes because the onsite therapist has knowledge of how each child is behaving from a clinical point of view. This enhances the training by providing individualization of the home system to the particular child.